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Event Organizer Toolbox

Event Organizer Toolbox

Here are some helpful resources as you move through the process of hosting your event.

These aren't all of our resources! Click here for all of our Help Articles. Click here for our YouTube channel.

Contacting BoothCentral

You can reach out to BoothCentral with any questions you may have. We want your event to be a success!
Email -
Help Chat - Our Help Chat can be accessed at the the lower left corner of any BoothCentral page. You, your Booth Hosts, and your attendees are free to use this service.
Help Chat Hours
Monday-Friday | 8:00AM - 5:00PM CST
During Virtual Events | 7:00AM - 10:00PM CST
Live support is available for the first four hours of each day of your virtual event.

Creating Your Event

Click below for step-by-step instructions on how to create your BoothCentral Event!
How to Create Your Event - Read | Watch
Image Dimensions for Event Banners - Read

Communicating to Booth Hosts

Helpful resources you can use as you communicate to your Booth Hosts about your event
Booth Host FAQs - Read
How to Apply to an Event - Read
Tips & Tricks for Booth Hosts - Watch
How Do I Review My Booth and Log into My Video Chat? - Read
How Do I Edit My Booth? - Read | Watch
How to Adjust the Cover Image for Your Virtual Booth - Watch
Can Multiple People Log In as a "Booth Host"? - Read

Your email might look something like this...
We're glad you're interested in our virtual event!  You may have questions about what you're signing up for, or 'signed up' for!  If you'd like more information on what a BoothCentral event is like, you can watch this short video.  We would love for you to join us for this event, you can apply by following these instructions! After we've approved your application, you can immediately see your virtual booth and log into your video chat (more info on how to do that here).  And, if you see anything you'd like to change, you can make that change by following these instructions.

Communicating to Attendees

You'll want to make sure that you market your event well. Below are some resources to help you think through the marketing process.
FAQs for Virtual Event Attendees - Read
Attending a Live Virtual Event - Watch
Sample Communication Timeline - Read

Event Video (Livestream)

Many events will have an Event Video as part of their event. If you are considering this, please click below.
Options for Including an Event Video at the Top of Your Live Page - Read


From Booth Host contact information to "Who attended my event?", we have a variety of reports available to Event Organizers.
Information About BoothCentral Reports - Read

Note for Schools: If you are organizing a school event and anticipate that your attendees or booth hosts will use school devices for the event, please connect someone from your IT department with BoothCentral at Sometimes schools have firewalls and other blocks in place that can interfere with the event.

Updated on: 18/02/2022

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