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How Do I Accept Non-Credit Card Payments in BoothCentral?

BoothCentral defaults to allowing credit card payments. In addition to credit cards, we also allow you to accept payments through Check, Cash, PayPal, and ACH.


You'll need to set up your event to accept additional payment methods. For more information on creating your event, click here. When you get to the Vendor Payments section, select the text boxes corresponding with the payment methods you would like to allow. In the text box, enter your instructions for how to use that payment method. Then, finish completing your application.

Our platform does not integrate directly with any of these options, so anyone paying with this method will need to do so outside of BoothCentral.


When the Booth Host applies for your event, they will see the following in the application (if you've selected to allow these payment options).


When the Booth Host pays outside of BoothCentral, you will need to follow these steps to log the payment.
Approve their application.
Verify that the payment was made (Check, Cash, PayPal, or ACH).
Scroll to the Payments section of the booth host's application and select the green Enter Payment button.

The following window will open. Enter the amount of the Payment, Payment Method, Payment Date, and Reference Number. Click Submit.

The Booth Host will now see that they are paid in full for your event when they log into their Booth Host account.

Note: We are not able to remove the option to pay by credit card, or remove it as the default option.

Updated on: 08/04/2024

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