How to Cancel a Booth Host's Registration

Log into your Event Organizer account and click on the applicable event.

Click on Applications then View on the left navigation bar.

Here you will see a tabs for Pending, Approved, Started, Denied and Cancelled applications. Navigate to the Approved tab. Then locate the appropriate Booth Host and click the Review button.

Manage Applications

Note: To sort this list alphabetically by business name, click into the arrow icons in the column heading.

This will open the Booth Host application. Click the red Cancel button.

Application - Cancel Action

A cancellation window will pop up. Here you can determine a refund amount, if applicable, and send a message to the Booth Host. Click the Cancel Registration button to complete the cancellation.

Cancel Registration Pop-Up
The Booth Host will be notified of the status change via email and funds will be returned.

Proceed with caution; cancellations can not be reversed.
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