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Creating Your First BoothCentral Event

Create an Event Organizer Account

If you haven't done so, create an Event Organizer account on BoothCentral at Before you can create an event, a pop-up box will appear mentioning that we need to verify you are a legitimate event organizer. This is to prevent scammers from conducting fraudulent activities. To be approved, simply speak with us via text chat by clicking on the Message Us button and answer a few questions or send us a email to

Create Your Event

Once your Event Organizer account is created, log in and click the Create an Event button. There are many sections which you can move between using the left navigation bar (after you've named your event). Your changes will automatically be saved.

Create Event

1. Event Listing

In this section you will fill out general information about your event. This is going to be helpful for your event so new and old vendors can find your event using keywords and information you use. Also this is going to help to have a better idea of your contact information, event's location, general description, dates, and more. There are three sub-sections:

Event Information Page

Basic Information

This section will ask for your event's name, cover image, event's location and the dates/times.

This article - Event Organizers: Image Size and Resolution Guide is going to help you about how to put a proper cover image, such as size and proper resolution.

Within this section, we recommend you adding and using Event Categories and Event Tags. Vendors often use BoothCentral's Find Event page to search for new events to apply and participate in. Besides entering the expected search terms such as the location or event name, they will also enter other keywords and criteria such as "artisan", "family", and "remodeling". You can increase the chances your event will surface in the search results by adding relevant categories and tags.

Contact Information

This section will ask for your contact information. This information will appear on the event info page under the cover image and apply for a booth button. This is the information that vendors will use to contact you. You can add here your contact number, email address, company website, company name, and business location.

This information will not be automatically added from your profile information to the event information. Each event can have a different contact email or contact number. You need to add this information in order for vendors to have a better communication with you.

Additional Details

This section allows you to enter additional details about your event so you can increase vendor interest.
You can upload an Floor Layout, Event Photos, Exhibitor Manual, Food Vendor Manual, and asks for information about refunds and deadlines. This additional information is optional, but it could increase your chances to have more vendors to apply. This section appears in the Event Info Page located at the bottom of the page starting from Floor Layout to Setup and Teardown Times.

Don't miss the Preview button at the top right of the Create an Event page! You will be able to see what your event page will look like by clicking this button.

2. Booth Application

Once you have set up your event basic information, you are now ready to set up your Booth Application. In this section you will create your event application, In-Person Booths offerings, Add-Ons, and Vendor Payments.

There are four sub-sections:


A vendor application allows you to collect the necessary information from your booth applicant and help you decide who to accept into the event. Decide which groups of questions you’d like to include. You can select what questions are included in your event application. You can add event any additional instructions you’d like your applicant to follow while filling out the application. If you have custom questions you would like added, please send an email to

Notice that at the moment there's no way to preview this questions from your event organizer account. You can create a vendor account and pretend that you are applying for this event so you can visualize the custom questions that we have added for you.

If you have filled out the spaces for your event, check the box at the bottom of the page Pause Applications

In-Person Booths

Specify what type and how many booth spaces you would like to offer. Click the + sign to add additional booths. We recommend this article that provides more information about different booth offering options.


You can offer additional products to your vendors in this section.  This is primarily used for in-person events (for example, you could rent tables, chairs, etc. here).

Vendor Payments

If you are going to accept credit card payments for your event, you will need to set up a Stripe account in order to accept them. This is the only way to handle credit card payments through BoothCentral.

Stripe is BoothCentral's credit card payment processor and will handle all the necessary fund transfers to and from your bank account. It also securely handles and stores vendors' credit card data. As such, BoothCentral does NOT have access to any of your Booth Host's or your sensitive data.

If you also allow other payment methods such as Check, Cash, PayPal, or ACH, select the corresponding checkboxes and provide the necessary instructions (for more details click here). NOTE that BoothCentral does not have the ability to accept PayPal payments directly on its platform.

The last part of this section is to specify your Payment Terms. This is going to allow you to set up different ways of how to process different payments from vendors.

Notice that you can set up a Service Fee or an Application Fee for your event. This article tells you more about Adding a Service Fee and this other article tells you more about Adding an Application Fee

After setting up your event details, now you are ready to Publish It. Select the Publish Event button at the top right corner of the page. If you have any additional details to edit
after you've published it, click here.

If you have any other additional questions, you can contact us through the Live Chat Support clicking on the purple chat button at the bottom corner left of the page or send us an email to

Updated on: 18/07/2023

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