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Event Organizers: Image Size and Resolution Guide

Event Organizers: Image Size and Resolution Guide

All Event Organizers will need to submit one banner image (.jpg or .png) for the their event listing. If you're having a virtual or hybrid event, you'll need to submit two additional images for the live page of your virtual event.

1. Cover Image

Upload in the following section: Event Listing > Basic Information

The image should be:
Width: 696px (Safe Zone: 400px)
Height: 392px (Safe Zone: 400px)

Safe Zone. We recommend you keep important content (event name, date, time, etc.) within a Safe Zone so that the event details display on all resolutions and window sizes. Below is a sample image of an Event Banner with the important content kept within the middle 400 pixels.

2. The Live Banner (Virtual / Hybrid events only)

Upload in the following section: Live Event Page > Branding & Content.
Note: The Live Event Page section only appears after you've published your event.

This is the full-width banner shown at the top of the live event page. You will need two different sizes of the same image so that it will display correctly across all platforms (i.e. Desktops, Tablets, Phones).

Desktop & Tablet Image Banner
Width: 1920px (Safe Zone width: 1024px)
Height: 375px

Mobile Image Banner
Width: 415px (Safe Zone width: 300px)
Height: 145px


If you don't have a photo editing tool on your device, you can use Here are instructions:

Create a free account.
Click Create a Design, then, select Custom Size.
Enter the appropriate Width and Height. (Make sure px is selected)

Your canvas will now appear. You can upload your image and place it on this canvas. As long as your image fits in this area, it will be the correct dimensions for your BoothCentral image.

When you are satisfied with how your image looks, you can download it from Canva and upload it to BoothCentral.

Updated on: 12/08/2021

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