Promoters: Image Size and Resolution Guide

Promoters will need to submit four banner images. The first is the Event Banner, and the next three are different sizes of the Live Banner.

The Event Banner

This is what your vendors and customers will see on your event details page.

The image should be:

Width: 675px
Height: 425px

We also highly recommend you keep important content (event name, date, time, etc.) within a 400px by 400px middle "Safe Zone" so that your content looks nice on all resolutions and window sizes.

Below is a sample image of an Event Banner with the important content kept within the middle 400 pixels.

The Live Banner

This is the full-width banner shown at the top of the live event page. You will need three different sizes of the same image so that it will look nice across all platforms (i.e. Desktops, Tablets, Phones).

Desktop Banner

Width: 1600 to 1920px
Height: 250 to 400px
Recommended "Safe Zone" width: 1024px

Tablet Banner

Width: 1024px
Height: 250 to 400px
Recommended "Safe Zone" width: 768px

Phone Banner

Width: 767px
Height: 200 to 400px
Recommended "Safe Zone" width: 320px
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