How to Apply to an Event

Applying for an event in BoothCentral is easy. Follow these steps or view this video tutorial.

Go to, click on the 'for vendors' tab. Then click 'Sign up for free'.

Sign Up as Vendor

Choose the Join as Vendor Link.

Join as Vendor

Enter your name, business name and email address. Then create a password.

Register as Vendor

Find an Event! You can search for events by going to then clicking 'Find Events'. All publicly listed events will be accessible. Private events will be accessible through an event URL supplied by the event organizer.

Public Event Search

Click on the Apply for Booth button.

Apply for Booth

Fill out the application and choose your event space.

The application questions you see will be specific to the event for which you are applying. All required fields are denoted with an asterisk. The fields in the Virtual Event section of the application will map to your Virtual Vendor Booth. This article explains which fields populate where.

Click Save and Continue at the bottom of the screen.

Save and Continue

If there is a cost associated to the booth space you selected, you will be prompted to enter payment information. If the event offers $0.00 booths, you will not be prompted to enter payment details, as no payment is due. Click on the Save or Submit Payment and Application at the bottom of the page.

Submit Payment and Application

To view your event applications and statuses, click on the My Events menu. (There are three possible statuses: Started, Pending Approval, and Approved.) Vendors will also receive an email when their application is approved or denied.

My Events - View Status, View Application + Edit Application

Note: You can only edit your booth after your application has been approved. If you do not see the Edit Booth button, that means your application has not been approved.
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