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Responding to Your Jury Invitation

Responding to Your Jury Invitation

Congratulations on being invited to the jury process of your event! This article will explain the basics of the BoothCentral jury process. There are two main sections to the Jury page, Filtering and Jurying.

The filtering section allows you to control the way you sort and view the applicants to your event. For example, if you wanted to review all of the applicants that you've tagged, you could sort by Tags.

The simplest way to get started is by clicking the red Jury All button.

A new window will open up. On the left side of the screen you are able to review the applicant you are jurying. On the right side of the screen you are able to leave a tag and a comment letting the Event Organizer know your thoughts on the applicant. No one will see your tags or comments except for the Event Organizer.

Each event is different, but the Event Organizer may have sent you recommended tags to use, for example - yes, no, maybe (see below for examples). Type your tag into the area that says "Select or add a tag" and press Enter. If you leave a comment, the Event Organizer will be able to see that it was from you.

When you are finished jurying the applicants, send your Event Organizer a message letting them know you're finished. That's all there is to it!

Tagging Examples

Tag Example 1
You may want to set up three tags Yes, Maybe, and No. Each juror can leave their tag with an explanation in the comment section. The image below shows the view as the Event Organizer sees it. The Event Organizer can then use everyone's feedback in making the decision.

Tag Example 2
You could also use a point system, with each juror able to give the applicant up to 5 points. The applicants that receive the most points in their category are approved. In the example below, the applicant would have scored a 14 from the jury team.

If you close the Jury All window, you can Resume Jurying or End Jurying. Resume Jurying allows you to continue with the same order you left after closing. If you finished jurying, you can click the End Jurying button.

Updated on: 01/06/2023

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