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How to Add a Filter to Your Event

How To Add a Filter to Your Event

If you have a lot of virtual booths at your event, you may want to add a filter which will allow your attendees to quickly access what they are looking for. The filter looks like this when it is added to your event.

Using the image above, when the attendee clicks Jewelry they will only see the jewelry vendor until they clear the filter or select another category.

Set up

To set this up, simply email your filter categories to We will add these options to the Booth Host application. Booth Hosts will select their category when applying for the event or when editing their booth information. The Booth Host will see the following in their application.

Additional Information

Booth Hosts may only select one filter category.
You may have more than one filter on your page.
If you have multiple tabs on your event, the filter works for all the tabs at the same time (as opposed to only filtering one tab at a time).

Updated on: 25/01/2023

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