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How Do I Adjust a Booth Host's Add-ons?

How Do I Adjust a Booth Host's Add-ons?

Pro-tip: You can follow these instructions during an in-person event. For example, if a participant asks you to add a table to their booth, you could log into BoothCentral on your phone, make the adjustment to their add-ons, and ask them to log in later to pay the balance due.

From your Event Organizer Dashboard, click the title of your event.

My Dashboard

In the left navigation bar, click Applications then the View button.

Application > View

Click on the Pending Approval or Approved tab, and select Review for the Booth Host's information you'd like to adjust.


Scroll down to the Spaces & Add-Ons section and click the orange Change Spaces & Add-Ons button.

Change Spaces & Add-Ons

Scroll past the booth assignments to the Add-ons section, and change the quantity of the Add-on that you'd like to adjust.

If the Booth Host has been approved for event, click the Commit button.
If the Booth Host has not been approved, click the Save button, then, scroll to the top and click Approve.

Updated on: 01/06/2023

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