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How and When to Issue Vendor Credit in BoothCentral

If You Need to Issue a Credit for Future Events

If you have to cancel an event and need to provide a credit to vendors when they apply to your next event, you can issue a general credit to them. This general credit is added to their "credit balance". And when they apply to a future event of yours, the credit will automatically be applied and deducted from the total amount of the registration.

These steps will guide you through issuing a credit balance to a specific vendor within BoothCentral:

Use the search bar at the top of the page to find the vendor you want to issue a credit balance to.
Search for a Vendor

Navigate to the vendor's profile page and locate the Credit Balance section. You'll typically see this displayed next to the Amount Overdue box. The amount in the Credit Balance section tells you how much credit this vendor currently has with you.

Click the three dots (ellipsis) next to the Credit Balance option to reveal a menu.
Credit Balance

From the drop-down menu (three-dots), select the Issue/Retract link. This will open a pop-up window for managing the vendor's credit balance.

Within the pop-up window:
Ensure Issue is selected under Credit Type.
Enter the desired Credit Amount you wish to issue to the vendor.
In the Details field (optional), provide a brief explanation for the credit issuance (e.g., application fee refund).

Click the Submit button to finalize issuing the credit balance to the vendor. BoothCentral will automatically send an email informing the vendor a credit has been added to their credit balance with you.

If You Need to Retract a Credit

If you need to retract a credit from a vendor's credit balance for whatever reason, follow these steps:

Follow Steps 1-3 from Adding a Credit Balance: Locate the vendor and access their credit balance options through the three dots menu next to the Credit Balance section on their profile page.

From the menu, choose the Issue/Retract link.

The pop-up window will appear. This time, select Retract under Credit Type.

In the Credit Amount field, enter the exact amount you want to retract from the previously issued credit balance.

While not mandatory, consider adding a brief explanation in the Details field to inform the vendor about the reason for retracting the credit (e.g., "Credit applies to canceled Event A only").

Click Submit to finalize retracting the credit balance. BoothCentral will automatically send an email informing the vendor a credit has been retracted from their credit balance with you.

How Does a Credit Balance Works for the Vendor

BoothCentral's credit balances seamlessly integrate with the vendor payment process. Here is how it works:

During event registration, the vendor proceeds through the application and booth selection steps.
Upon reaching the payment section, they'll see their available credit balance displayed prominently. The total event fee might be partially or fully covered by the credit balance.
If the credit balance covers the entire fee, the vendor can simply review and confirm the payment without needing any additional payment information.
If the credit partially covers the fee, the remaining balance will be clearly displayed. The vendor can then choose their preferred payment method to settle the remaining amount.
Credit Balance Applied

While the vendor sees the credit balance reflected during checkout, the actual credit issuance and retraction processes remain on the event organizer's side within BoothCentral.

Updated on: 20/04/2024

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