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What Does the Red-Flagged Label on a Vendor Details Page or Vendor Application Mean?

Spotted a Red-Flagged label on a vendor's application or details page on BoothCentral? This isn't a decoration – it's a crucial warning for event organizers like yourself.

Red Flagged Vendor

Here's a quick breakdown:

Red Flag Alert: Warning Signs and Protection

Vendor with Unresolved Dispute: This vendor previously disputed a BoothCentral application fee but never resolved the issue or made the payment. This could potentially lead to lost revenue for you.
Automatic Blocking: BoothCentral has your back! Due to the unresolved dispute, the system automatically prevents you from approving this vendor for your event. This helps safeguard you from financial loss.
Limited Access (Rare Cases): In serious situations, red-flagged vendors might be barred from accessing BoothCentral entirely.

Important Distinction: Not All Disputes Are Red Flags

BoothCentral understands that mistakes happen. There might be vendors who disputed a charge in the past but later resolved it by making the payment. These vendors are not red-flagged because they fulfilled their financial obligations. Tracking past disputes helps us identify potential recurring issues and ensures a smoother experience for both event organizers and responsible vendors.

# of Payments Previously Disputed

What to Do When You See a Red Flag

System Blocks Approval: Due to the unresolved dispute, BoothCentral's system automatically prevents you from approving this vendor for your event. This eliminates the risk of accidentally approving a vendor with a history of non-payment, ensuring your financial security.
Vendor Application with a Red-Flagged Label

Updated on: 26/04/2024

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