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Optimizing Your Jury/Review Experience in BoothCentral

A well-organized Jury/Review page is essential for streamlining your event's vendor selection process. BoothCentral empowers you to customize this page to fit your specific needs and preferences. This article explores the "Configure Columns" and "Configure Jury Info" features, allowing you to optimize your Jury/Review experience.

This article specifically focuses on the settings you can adjust within "Configure Jury Info" and "Configure Columns" to optimize the information jurors see on the Jury/Review page. It does not cover the "Filter Applicants" functionalities discussed in the separate BoothCentral help article "How Do I Jury the Applicants to My Event?"

Understanding Columns:

Columns are the building blocks of your Jury/Review page. They display essential information about each applicant, making it easier to compare and evaluate them.

Benefits of Configuring Columns:

Focus on Key Details: Choose only the columns most relevant to your jurying criteria, keeping the view focused and efficient.
Tailored Experience: Adapt the layout to your workflow by prioritizing the information you need at first glance.

Available Columns (Examples):

Status (Pending Approval, Approved, etc.)
Company Name
Applicant Name
Email Address
Tags (if enabled)
Actions Buttons

Columns Section

Configuring Columns:

Access your event's Jury/Review page.
Locate the "Configure Columns" option (usually found at the top or bottom of the page).
A pop-up window will display a list of available columns.
Select the checkboxes next to the columns you want to be displayed on your Jury/Review page.
Click "Save" to apply your selections.

Important Note: The selections you make in "Configure Columns" only affect the information you see on your Jury/Review page. Invited jurors will not see these customizations.

Understanding Jury Info:

"Configure Jury Info" allows you to control additional elements displayed during the jurying process. These elements can significantly impact your decision-making efficiency and the experience of invited jurors.

Configurable Jury Info for Event Organizers:

The "Configure Jury Info" section allows you to control additional elements displayed on the Jury/Review page, but this information is not visible to jurors. Here's a breakdown of what you can configure:

Add Tags (optional): You can enable a tagging system to categorize applicants based on your specific criteria. These tags can help you group similar vendors during the review process. It's recommended to clearly communicate these tag definitions to your jurors to avoid confusion or redundancy.

Add Comments (not visible to jurors): This section allows you, the event organizer, to leave internal notes about the vendor/booth host or any interesting aspects of their application. These comments are not visible to jurors.

Juror Comments (not visible to jurors): When enabled, this feature allows jurors to leave feedback on applications. These comments are confidential and only you, the event organizer, can see them. You can access them within each vendor application at the end of the jurying process.

Jury View Section

Basic Information Viewable by Jurors (configurable):

You can choose what information jurors see on the Jury/Review page to optimize their review process and gather the most relevant feedback. Here are the configurable options:

Application Information: This typically includes the applicant's company name and contact name.
Select the questions and answers you want to include: You can choose to display all the questions and answers submitted by applicants in their application form. This is a good option if you want jurors to consider all the information provided.
Products/Services (optional): If you included a specific question about products or services offered, you can choose to display those answers here.
Social Media (optional): If you included a question about social media links, you can choose to display them here.

Configuring Jury Info:

Access your event's Jury/Review page.
Locate the "Configure Jury Info" option (usually found at the top or bottom of the page).
A pop-up window will display various configurable options.
Select the checkboxes next to the features you want to enable/disable for your jurying process.
Click "Save" to apply your selections.

By understanding the distinction between "Configure Columns" and "Configure Jury Info," you can create a Jury/Review experience that optimizes efficiency for both yourself and your invited jurors. This leads to a smoother jurying process and a well-curated vendor selection for your event.

Updated on: 28/06/2024

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