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How Do I Issue a Credit to a Booth Host?

IMPORTANT: You should ONLY issue a credit if you are reducing the total amount due for the vendor (such as a discount). Do NOT issue a credit if you only need to perform a refund. Please contact BoothCentral for further assistance.

Follow these instruction to issue a credit to a booth host.

Note: For Pending and Waitlisted applications, the booth host's credit card will not be charged until you click the Approve button (Payment Terms must be set to "Due on Acceptance"). In other words, if you follow these steps before approving the application, the Booth Host's credit card will only be charged the discounted rate.

Open your event and select the Applications > View in the left navigation bar. Click the Review button for the vendor you'd like to issue the credit to.


Scroll to the Payment section and click the orange Issue Credit button.

In the pop-up window that appears, enter the amount to credit and fill in the Details/Notes text box. Click the Submit button.

If your application has not yet been approved, the credit will not show up until you click the Approve button.


In the scenario where you need to credit an amount greater than what the Booth Host has paid (for example, they have paid $25 but you actually owe them $75), you will need to follow one additional step.

In the scenario just described, a red Enter Refund button will appear. Click this button.

The following window will open. Enter the Refund Amount, Refund Method, Refund Date, and Reference Number. Click Submit.

Updated on: 23/02/2024

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