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Can I Add Custom Questions to the Vendor Application?

BoothCentral provides a set of default vendor profile questions frequently used by event organizers. These cover common areas like products/services, social media presence, referral sources, tax reporting, and promotional permissions.

But wait! We understand every event is unique. That's why BoothCentral allows you to completely customize the application form with specific questions tailored to your specific needs. This lets you gather information most relevant to selecting the perfect vendors for your event.

Here are some examples of custom questions you might want to include:

Agreements: Do vendors need to agree to specific terms or conditions before participating?
Category Type: Allow vendors to easily categorize themselves (e.g., Food & Beverage, Technology, Arts & Crafts).
Specific Requirement Images: Request vendors to upload pictures showcasing their products, booth setup, or anything else relevant to your event criteria.
Open Ended Questions: Craft specific questions to delve deeper into a vendor's offerings or qualifications.
Vendor Type: Distinguish between different vendor types (e.g., Exhibitor, Sponsor, Food Truck).

By customizing your application form, you can:

Gather detailed information to make informed vendor selections.
Ensure vendors meet your specific event criteria.
Obtain a clearer picture of each vendor's offerings.

Adding Custom Questions: A Guide for Event Organizers

As you create custom questions for your event application, providing clear and concise instructions to our support team is key. The more specific your request, the better we can understand your needs and ensure the questions are implemented accurately within the application. You can easily request them to be implemented within your BoothCentral application, contact us using the Live Chat Support purple button at the bottom left of the page or write us an email to

Here are some tips for crafting clear custom questions:

State the question clearly and directly. Avoid ambiguity and ensure vendors understand what information you're requesting.
Specify the question type. Do you need a short answer, essay response, or image upload?
Provide examples (if applicable). For open-ended questions, including an example can guide vendors towards the type of information you seek.

Marking Required vs. Optional Questions

When creating your custom questions, you have the flexibility to designate them as either required or optional. This helps control the application process and ensures you gather the essential information from vendors.

Required Questions: These are critical questions that all vendors must answer before submitting their application. Utilize required questions for information essential to your vendor selection process. For example, if insurance information is mandatory for participation, you would make the question requesting their insurance certificate a required question. This ensures you don't miss any crucial details from potential vendors.

Optional Questions: These are non-essential questions that vendors can choose to answer or leave blank. Utilize optional questions to gather additional details that might be helpful in evaluating vendors but are not mandatory for participation. For example, an optional question might be "Do you have experience working at events similar to ours?" While this information could be helpful in your decision-making process, it wouldn't necessarily disqualify a vendor if they don't answer.

By following these guidelines, you'll provide our support team with the necessary information to implement your custom questions seamlessly within the application. This will ensure a smooth experience for both you and your vendors.

Available Custom Question Types

Once you've crafted your clear and concise custom questions, it's helpful to understand the different question formats you can utilize within the BoothCentral platform. Here's a breakdown of each option:

Text: Use this for short answer responses, typically limited to a single line. This is ideal for questions requesting specific details or preferences from vendors.

Textarea: This option provides a larger text box for vendors to elaborate on their offerings or qualifications. It's suitable for biographies, descriptions, or any information requiring more than a single line.

Radio Buttons: When you have a question with mutually exclusive answer choices (where only one option applies), radio buttons are the way to go. Vendors will select a single circle representing their chosen answer.
Radio Buttons

Checkbox: This is a versatile tool for creating custom questions within your BoothCentral application form. They allow vendors to acknowledge something (like reading an agreement) or indicate a single preference (e.g., authorizing information sharing). But that's not all! BoothCentral offers two checkbox options to cater to your specific needs. By understanding these checkbox variations, you can choose the most appropriate format to gather the information you require from vendors for your event:

Single Checkbox: This is the standard checkbox scenario where vendors can confirm something by selecting a single box.
Single Checkbox

Multi-Select Checkbox: This option allows vendors to choose multiple answers from a list of options. This is useful for questions where vendors might have various qualifications or preferences. For example, you could create a multi-select checkbox question asking "What weekends are you going to participate in the event" with options like "Weekend 1", "Weekend 2", or "Weekend 3". Vendors could then select all applicable options.
Multi-Select Checkbox

Dropdown Menu: This option allows vendors to select a single answer from a predefined list. It's useful for yes/no questions, categories, or any scenario where you have a limited set of potential answers.
Dropdown Menu

Image Upload: Request vendors to upload a specific image relevant to your event. This can be helpful during the jury process for evaluating booth aesthetics or product visuals.
Image Upload

PDF Upload: If you require vendors to submit additional documentation (e.g., licenses, insurance certificates), you can utilize the PDF upload option.
PDF Upload

Choosing the Right Question Type

By understanding these question formats, you can select the most appropriate option to gather the information you need from vendors. This will ensure a smooth application process for both you and your vendors.

We hope this comprehensive guide empowers you to create effective custom questions for your BoothCentral event application!

Updated on: 26/04/2024

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