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BoothCentral Security

Bank account and credit card information

BoothCentral does not store any bank account or credit card data in our platform or on our servers. When you input bank account or credit card data, you are actually providing it directly to our payment processor, Stripe. For more information about Stripe and their security: -- they are a multibillion dollar company and are level 1 PCI compliant. BoothCentral uses a process called tokenization which allows us to use a token to process payments via Stripe on BoothCentral, however, this token has zero value outside of BoothCentral if someone were to access it. This means that if someone were to hack into your BoothCentral account (which is very unlikely), they wouldn't be able to access any of your bank account or credit card data because it is not anywhere in our site or on our servers.

General security

The BoothCentral portal software is run from within the Digital Oceans hosting environment. Digital Oceans is a leader in the hosting space and has a large customer base. They provide a 99.99% uptime SLA for servers and block storage. We are utilizing dedicated instances to host our servers and databases while monitoring overall systems health. We also employ Cloudflare and Amazon AWS services for CDN and other technology services.

For our application layer itself, we are using best practices in both the frontend application and our core products. We have full input validation and sanitization within all aspects of our applications.

Data backup and redundancy

Our databases and server instances are backed up daily through incremental snapshots as well as full backups.

Updated on: 04/08/2023

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