What kind of Internet speeds do I need to conduct a video chat?

Unfortunately, this is not an easy question to answer. Here are some quick takeaways.

At the very minimum, to carry on a one-on-one video chat, you will probably need 500kbps upstream and downstream.

However, In our experience, you will want to have at least 3MB download and 1MB upload speeds.

This comes with a lot of caveats!

First, this doesn't mean you won't be able to conduct a video chat if your connection does not meet those requirements. You should definitely still try!
The number of people you are chatting with also matters. Your device will be sending and receiving a lot of data on a video call. The more people there is on a chat, the more data will be sent and received, so your bandwidth requirement will increase if you are a call with more people.
But even if you do meet those requirements, you may not have a good experience due to several factors:
You might have a high-speed connection, but you might have a lot of what we call "packet loss" in your connection. It's like having a highway and fast cars, but there are too many cars on the highway - you'll end up with congestion! This can happen, say, if you have a bunch of kids playing games on your network, or if your router is old and cannot handle the traffic.
Your device might be stressing out and can't keep up. Encoding and decoding all the video data can be an intensive task for older devices.

At the end of the day, what we recommend is that you attend one of the upcoming live events, and try to conduct a video chat in one of the booths. You can then see if your connection is good enough. Many of the events on BoothCentral is free to participate so there's no harm in trying.

Finally, if you find that you do not have a strong enough connection, you can try turning off camera and just use audio only. This way you can still talk to the others in a video chat.
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