What is a Hybrid Event?

What is a Hybrid Event?

A Hybrid Event is the best of both worlds for in-person and virtual events. There are numerous ways BoothCentral simplifies the process for both Event Organizers and Booth Hosts, but at its most basic, our hybrid events combine the application and payment process while hosting the virtual side of your event at the same time.

If you are an Event Organizer, you can manage both the virtual and in-person sides of your event from one location.
If you are a Booth Host, you can apply and pay for either the virtual event, the in-person event, or both. Additionally, when your application is approved, your virtual booth will be automatically created using the information you provided.

Booth Host Example. The person applying to the event will see something similar to this as part of their application (depending on how the Event Organizer sets up the event).

'Select Spaces' section of application

Event Organizer Example. The Event Organizer will have quick access to information about all the participants of their event.

Sample view from Event Organizer account

For Event Organizers who are looking for more information about setting up your BoothCentral event, click here for our Event Organizer Toolbox.

Updated on: 06/08/2021

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