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What if I Need to Leave My Virtual Booth During the Event?

What if I Need to Leave My Virtual Booth During the Event?

You may need to leave your virtual booth during your event. If you need to take a break you have several options:

Put up an Away Message. There are a variety of ways you can put up an away message, from a handwritten note placed in front of the screen to sharing a video with a countdown timer of when you'll be back. Our recommendation is to create something digitally and share your screen with your away message.
See below for an example of what a digital away message might look like.
For more information on how to share your screen from your video chat, please click here.
Don't forget to mute yourself!

Tip: Include the time you will return in your Away Message. Don't forget to mention your time zone, as you may have guests from across the country.
Go mobile. BoothCentral will also work on your cellphone, so you could log in from your phone and respond to messages from your phone. To do this, log into BoothCentral from the browser of your phone, enter your event and virtual booth, and keep your eye on the text chat. (You don't need to be in the video chat in order to respond to text chat messages.)

Edit your description. You are able to edit your description during the event (instructions). So, you could edit the description (or the "additional info" field) to state when you'll be back in your virtual booth.

Feel free to use this image as your away message! Download it by right-clicking it and selecting Save Image As.

Updated on: 27/08/2021

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