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The "Share" button is grayed out when I try to share my screen

The "Share" button is grayed out when I try to share my screen

Scroll down for Mac help.
Chrome's screen sharing function is the best among all the browsers.

Share Button is Grayed Out

You have to select one of your screens/tabs/applications to be able to click the Share button:

Start screen share

Click on one of the options in the tabs: Your Entire Screen, Application Window, or Chrome Tab
Now, select one of your screens, application windows, or Chrome tab, and THEN the Share button will light up.

On a Mac: when choosing the screen, window to share, the thumbnails to choose from are grayed out

This is likely a permissions issue. Try the following:

Bring up System Preferences on your Mac
Go to Security & Privacy
Click on the** Privacy** tab
Find Screen Recording on the left.
On the right, see if Google Chrome is checked.
If not checked, check it! You may have to unlock this panel to make changes!
Restart Chrome.

No audio when sharing a video from a Chrome tab? See this article.

Updated on: 21/06/2021

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