Step 6: What's Next?

We hope that these step-by-step guides have helped you gain a better understanding of how you will use BoothCentral as an event organizer and how your booth hosts will apply and test their Virtual Booth capabilities!

If you are hosting an event with 5 or less booth hosts, you can continue using the Trial Subscription and invite the hosts/organizations to apply to your event using the Event URL (see 'Step 2' article)

If you are planning a larger event and would like to move forward, you can create and publish your next event when desired! You can upgrade your account at anytime to allow for the 6th booth host (and beyond!) to begin the application process.

BoothCentral's Standard Subscription offers the following additional perks:

Public Event Listing
Custom Application Questions
Unlimited Number of Booth Host Applications
Unlimited Number of Event Attendees
Live Chat Support during Event Hours
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