Step 5: Check Out the Virtual Event Page

Now that you have approved your booth host application, you can view your event as a host!

Log into your Booth Host account.

Click on My Events and click View Event for the appropriate event.

My Events

This will bring you to the Event Details page. Click the Review Your Booth button at the top of the page to enter the event.

Scroll down the page to locate your virtual booth. Review your booth description and cover image to ensure they display well.

Click the Enter Booth button to enter your virtual booth.

Work your way through the following checklist:
Confirm that your website link works.
Review the description of your business (click Read More).
Review your images and video (if applicable).

Above the live video chat area you'll see the number of people in your virtual booth.
Next to this number is an icon you can click to expand the video chat screen. Toggle to full-screen and back.
Send a message in the Booth Chat area.
Click the Start Video Chat button.

Turn your camera and microphone off and on using the icons at the bottom of the window. Icons will display in RED when disabled.
Select the More icon. Options here include: mute all attendees, switch to a different camera, update video quality, and enable active speaker view.

Click the Leave button when you are finished testing your video chat.

If you follow these steps before your event, you will be prepared for your guests on event day!

More than one person can log in with your log-in credentials which allows you to test talking to another person in your video chat. More info here.

Step 6: What's Next?
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