Approve your practice Application

Log into your Promoter Account on BoothCentral.

Navigate to your dashboard and click into Manage Applications for the applicable event.

Promoter Dashboard

Here you will see tabs for pending, approved, started, denied and cancelled applications. Navigate to the Pending Approval tab. Click on the 'review' button to view your recently submitted vendor application.

Manage Applications

Note: To sort this list alphabetically by business name, click into the arrow icons in the column heading.

This will open the vendor application. Scroll through the application to review how the information you submitted is displayed. Click the green 'Approve' button on your application.

Approve/Deny Application
A confirmation window will pop up. Here you can include a message to the vendor. Click the 'Approve' button to complete the status change.

Confirm Approval/Denial

The vendor will be notified of the status change via email.

Approved applications can be cancelled at a later time, if necessary. Denied applications can be reverted to 'started', which will allow the vendor to modify and then re-submit their application.

Keep in mind, the Trial Subscription allows up to 5 applications. This includes pending approval, approved, cancelled, and denied applications.
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