Apply to Your Event as a Vendor

To get the full experience with BoothCentral's Trial Subscription, we recommend that you create a vendor profile and apply for your own event. This will give you a good understanding of what your vendors will experience when they sign up to participate in your future events!


On, click on 'Login' in the upper right corner of the screen. If you do not have a vendor account, choose 'Join Now'.

Join Now

Choose the Join as a Vendor Link.

Join as Vendor

Some web browsers try to help us remember all of our login credentials. If your browser automatically logs you back into your Promoter Account when you click the 'sign up for free' button, try logging out again and following the steps outlined a second time.

Register as a vendor using a DIFFERENT email address than you used for your Promoter Account.

Register as Vendor

Visit your Event by using your Event Listing URL (see Help Article titled Step 2: View your Event Listing).

Click on the Apply for Booth button.

Apply for Booth

Fill out the application and choose your event space.

The application questions you see will be those that you selected when you created your event. All required fields are denoted with an asterisk. The fields in the Virtual Event section of the application will map to your Virtual Vendor Booth. This article will explain how the application fields translate to the Virtual Booth.

Click Save and Continue at the bottom of the screen.

Save and Continue

If you included a cost for your booth spaces when you created your event, you will be prompted to enter payment information. If you entered a $0.00 booth, you will not be prompted to enter payment details, as no payment is due.

Assuming you are taking payments through Stripe, your card will not be charged until you approve your own application. At the time of approval you can override the booth cost so your card is not charged. If you've already set up your Stripe account, any charges for your vendor application will be deposited to the account you connected to BoothCentral via Stripe. BoothCentral does not charge any fees for our Trial Subscription, but Credit Card fees do apply.

Submit Payment and Application

Congratulations! You've submitted your practice application!

To view your event applications and statuses, click on the My Events menu. (There are three possible statuses: Started, Pending Approval, and Approved.)

My Events - View Status, View Application + Edit Application
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