View your Trial Event Listing

After you publish your event, follow these instructions to view your event listing:

Make sure you are logged into your Promoter Account. Note: When you are logged in as a Promoter, you will not see the "Apply for a Booth" button because as a Promoter, you cannot apply to your own event.
Go to your Promoter Dashboard and locate your event.
Click the "View Event Listing" button (under the image of your event).

Make sure the event image and description looks good.

If necessary, you can make changes by clicking 'Edit Event'.

Copy the Event Listing URL and save it as a bookmark or in a document. Use this URL to locate your event as you move forward with a Vendor Application in 'Step 3: Apply to Your Event as a Vendor'.

Event Listing URL

Events created with the Trial Subscription are not publicly searchable on BoothCentral.
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