Creating Your Trial Event in BoothCentral

BoothCentral's Trial Subscription allows promoters to familiarize themselves with the BoothCentral's event management capabilities (in-person, virtual and hybrid). You can accept up to 5 applications without committing financially. It's a great opportunity to see how things work from all angles - as an event promoter, vendor/booth host, and event attendee.

Create a Promoter Account

If you haven't done so, create a promoter account on BoothCentral at

Create Your Event

Once your promoter account is created, log in as a promoter. From your Dashboard, click the 'Create an Event' button.

Dashboard + Create Event

There are five sections. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

Create Event

1. Event Info

This is where you will fill out general information about your event to be shown on your public Event Details page. For the Event Banner Image, refer to this guide on the most optimal resolution and size. Please fill out as much contact information as possible; this is how the vendors will reach you if they have questions about your event.

2. Application

You can select from BoothCentral's standard questions that are included in your event application in this section. The Virtual Event section is automatically included if you indicated it is a Virtual Event in the previous section.
For Virtual Events, we recommend excluding the "Product / Services Questions" to ensure it is as simple as possible.

BoothCentral also supports custom questions with our Standard Subscription.

3. Spaces

This is where you specify what type and how many virtual spaces you would like to offer. For your trial event, you can keep it simple and create one booth type. If you plan to host an event with more than 5 participating vendors or organizations in the future, check out this article to better understand how to configure your booths.

4. Add-ons

You can offer additional products to your vendors in this section.  (This is more commonly used for in-person events than virtual, for example - tables, chairs, etc.)

5. Payment Terms

BoothCentral, by default, will accept online credit card payments on your behalf. If you also allow other payment methods such as check, cash, or PayPal, select the corresponding checkboxes and provide the necessary instructions (for more details - click here). For example, if you decide to accept checks, provide a mailing address in the text box. If you decide to accept PayPal, provide a link to your PayPal payment page. NOTE that BoothCentral does not have the ability to accept PayPal payments directly on its platform.

The last part of this section is to specify your payment terms. If you decide to split the total amount due into multiple payments, the 1st payment should either be Due Upon Acceptance or Due Upon Sign-Up. The difference between the two options is that for Due Upon Acceptance, the vendor's credit card will not be charged until you accept them into the event, whereas for Due Upon Sign-Up, their credit card is charged when they submit the application. Note that with Due Upon Acceptance, if the vendor opts to pay by credit card, their credit card will automatically be charged as soon as you accept them into the event. The vendor does not need to log back in to submit a payment nor do you need to do anything else.

Payment Terms

There are no BoothCentral Fees imposed on Vendors using the Trial Subscription. This will allow you to grow familiar with the platform without incurring costs!

First Time Promoters

If you are a first time promoter and this is your very first event, you will be redirected to a Stripe page after completing the Payment Terms section to sign up for a Stripe merchant account. Stripe is BoothCentral's credit card payment processor and will handle all the necessary fund transfers to and from your bank account. It also securely handles and stores vendors' credit card data. As such, BoothCentral does NOT have access to any of your vendors' or your sensitive data.

For information on editing your event after you've published it, click here.
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