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Options for the "Event Video" (video at the top of your Live Page)

Options for the "Event Video" (video at the top of your Live Page)

If you would like to have an Event Video at the top of your Live Page, please note the two options below.

Option 1: Attendees Click Play Button

This option is typically used by events that have a Welcome Video at the top of their live event page. Attendees will need to press Play to start the video. While this will not give it that "live" feel, this option does have its pros:

Attendees won't miss anything if they join in the middle of the event.
No stress - you don't have to "go live" at a certain time on event day.
Video quality may be better because there won't be any live encoding occurring.

To do this, simply record your video, upload it you YouTube or Vimeo, and enter the link in the Live Event Page section of your event (must be done after Publishing).

The live text chat next to the video section is optional. If you'd like to have it enabled, just let us know at

Option 2: Stream Your Content

Use this option if you'd like a video playing when your attendees enter your event. Your video can be entirely pre-recorded, entirely live, or a mix of both. You will be responsible for starting your stream through the streaming service of your choice (BoothCentral recommends StreamYard). Although this method can be more work, there are some advantages:

Your event will immediately feel "live" as soon as people arrive.
Live content can be more engaging for your audience.
You are able to communicate and interact with your audience in real time.
Additionally, most streaming services allow you to stream to multiple platforms at once (so, you could stream to Facebook and YouTube at the same time as BoothCentral).

To stream your content, you will need to email to request a "Stream Key". Your Stream Key is simply a code that you will enter into your streaming service that tells it where to broadcast to. Once you enter the Stream Key, you are able to test broadcasting to BoothCentral at any time. On event day, you are responsible to start your stream before your event.

Best Practices for Your Livestream - Don't miss this article if you are livestreaming!

Streaming Options

We can connect with most streaming services, so if you have a streaming service that isn't mentioned below, please contact us.

We recommend StreamYard, because of how simple it is to use while at the same time allowing your stream to look very professional. Here are the important things you'll need to know if you use StreamYard.
You will need a paid subscription. Click here for a free month.
StreamYard Video Tutorial.
How to Share a Video in StreamYard
Instructions to share your screen. To loop your video, use these instructions, then, right-click in the Chrome tab with your video in it and select "loop".

The paid "Pro" version of Zoom will allow you to broadcast to BoothCentral. Here is what you need to know if you use Zoom.
Click here for Zoom Instructions, then...
Follow the steps in this section first: ​​"Enabling custom live streaming for meetings"
Follow the steps in this section second: "Setting up Custom Live Streaming (Host)" > "Meetings"

Third-party services that will stream a pre-recorded video at the date and time of your event.
There are several services that will stream a pre-recorded video for you (they all have a subscription fee). Once you've recorded your video, upload it to one of these services, and they will stream it for you at the date and time that you schedule. The services vary on their limit of the length of the video and whether it can loop. Click below for more information.
OneStream.Live Scheduler (This service also has live broadcast production service like StreamYard.)

We record all the live streamed videos. If you'd like a download of your broadcast, send an email to requesting the download. We are also able to put the recording of your live stream on your event page after your live event is complete.

Updated on: 05/08/2021

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