Mute All Attendees with "Shh Mode"

You can use "Shh mode!" to mute other participants during a call. This feature is useful if a participant doesn't realize that they aren't muted, or you're having quality issues with your video chat. You can choose to mute their cameras, microphones, or both.

Experiencing poor video quality? Use "Shh mode" to mute other participants' cameras or microphones. Video uses a lot of bandwidth, and each participants' network may be overloaded during a large meeting.

How to activate "Shh mode"

Click the More icon in the lower-right of the video chat area (three dots)
Click on Shh mode
Select what you'd like to mute: cameras, microphones or both
Click the green Mute button

Note: For most of our events, individuals can unmute themselves at anytime during a call.
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