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How to Turn Off Attendees' Microphone/Camera When Entering Virtual Booths

For your virtual event, you may want your attendees to have their camera or video muted when they enter a video chat. This way they will not interrupt the vendor/booth host. Here are the steps to set the default to "mute" for attendees.

From your Event Organizer Dashboard, click the title of your event.

In the left navigation bar, click “Live Event Page” then “Advanced Options”.

Scroll down until you see “Turn Off Guests' Microphone When Entering Booths” or “Turn Off Guests' Camera When Entering Booths”. By default, this will be unchecked.

Click on the "Save" button after you have checked the check box.

- Booth hosts are always able to mute the participants, for more information read this article..

NOTE: After clicking the "Join Video Chat" button, guests may be able to see the pop-up window that asks them if they want to turn on their camera or microphone. If the boxes from step three above have been checked, they will be muted no matter what they select in this pop-up window. If you would like a different set up for your event, contact BoothCentral through the help chat or email us at

Updated on: 03/02/2022

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