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How to Share Your Screen

How to Share Your Screen

You will not be able to share your screen on mobile.
Chrome provides the best screen sharing experience. You can also screen share in Safari and Firefox, but it doesn't have as many features. Use Chrome!

Click the Share button in the bottom left of your screen to share:
Share screen button

A popup will appear, click on what you'd like to share. In Chrome, select either your Entire Screen, an Application Window, or a Chrome Tab.
Click the Share button in the popup. If the button is grayed out, that means you haven't clicked on what you'd like to share. Go back to step 2, above.

When you share your screen, the visitors in your video chat will show up in tiles across the bottom of your video chat window possibly obstructing the bottom of your presentation. The attendees are able to remove the tiles by clicking on the screen (the person sharing their screen is not able to do this). At the beginning of your presentation, we recommending asking your guests to click anywhere on the video chat screen to remove the video chat tiles.

Stopping a screen share

Click the Stop button in the controller, lower left.
Click the Stop sharing button in the banner at the top right corner of your screen.
Click the blue Stop sharing button in the Chrome banner (screen shot below).

Other notes

To share a slide deck or presentation, select your Entire Screen.
If you still can't screen share, refresh Chrome.
If you have multiple displays, the Entire Screen tab will let you pick which monitor you'd like to share.
The Chrome popup can be repositioned anywhere on your screen giving you quick access to end your screen share.

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Updated on: 11/01/2022

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