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How to Mute All Attendees

How to Mute All Attendees

You can mute other participants during a call. This feature is useful if a participant doesn't realize that they aren't muted, or you're having quality issues with your video chat. You can choose to mute their cameras, microphones, or both. Video uses a lot of bandwidth, and each participants' network may be overloaded during a large meeting.

How to activate this option

Click the People icon at the bottom of the video chat area (symbol of people)
Click on Mute all
A box with “Mute all participants” will appear. (Click on the check button if you want to mute new participants)

Click the “Mute all participants” button.

Note: For most of our events, individuals can unmute themselves at anytime during a call.

Updated on: 07/01/2022

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