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How to Edit the Tabs on Your Virtual Event Page

How to Edit the Tabs on Your Virtual Event Page

Once you have published your event, you are able to edit the tabs located above your virtual booths.

You are able to add up to 3 custom tabs on your live event page for things like event schedules, sponsors, information about your organization, etc.

Click here if you’d like to change the text of the Meet the Vendors tab.
Follow these steps to add/edit tabs:

From your Event Organizer Dashboard, click the title of your event.

From the left navigation bar, select “Live Event Page”. Then click on “Branding & Content”. Scroll down your page until you see “Event Content Tabs”.

You will now be able to edit them and put the information that you wish to highlight for your event.

Don't forget to click the "Save" button after doing the changes that you need it.

After saving the changes, depending on the titles for each, they are going to look like this:

Updated on: 01/09/2021

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