How to Connect Your BoothCentral Event to Eventbrite

If you'd like to collect more information from your attendees than their name and email address, or you'd like to charge for attendance, you can connect your BoothCentral event to Eventbrite.

If you use Eventbrite, we recommend setting your BoothCentral event to "Private" so that your event will not show up on our event page. This way no one will enter through BoothCentral's event page and miss the custom fields you set up in Eventbrite.
Eventbrite setup
You'll set up your Eventbrite event as normal, with the following exceptions:
For Location, select "Online Event"

Don't click anything for "Add Live Video"
In the Add Additional Details section, select "Add link".

Enter the link to your BoothCentral event, but add /live to the end of it -

Finishing creating the Eventbrite event.

Two things to note: 
On event day, attendees will still need to enter their name and email address when they arrive at your BoothCentral event.  We need that information for a variety of reasons, for example, your BoothCentral reports use that information.

Because you'll only be using Eventbrite in your marketing for the event, and your BoothCentral event is set to "Private", you shouldn't have any traffic from BoothCentral.  However, if you'd like extra security that no one will enter from BoothCentral, we are able to set up your event so that only visitors arriving from Eventbrite are allowed to enter.  Please email to arrange this.

Use the Eventbrite link in all your marketing.  Only use your BoothCentral event link for vendor applications.
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