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How Do I Review My Virtual Booth and Test My Video Chat?

How Do I Review My Virtual Booth and Test My Video Chat?

Use the following instructions to review the key components of your virtual booth. You can test your video chat any time after you've been approved for the event.

Log into, go to your event, and click the Review Your Booth button at the top of the page to enter the event.

If you don't know the link for your event, log in to BoothCentral and click My Events at the top of the page. Then, click View Event for the appropriate event.

At the top of the page you may see an event video and a live chat. If your event has a live stream it will be enabled during the event hours.

Live Event Page
If you see anything as you review your booth that you would like to change, you are able to edit your booth by following these instructions.
Scroll down past the Event Video to view the virtual booths and locate yours. Review your booth description and cover image to ensure they display well.

Click the Enter Booth button to enter your virtual booth.

Work your way through the following checklist:
Confirm that your website link works.
Review the description of your business (click Read More).
Review your images and video (if applicable).

If the event has a video, you are able to minimize the video in your virtual booth by clicking on the arrows at the top right of the player.
Above the live video chat area, you'll see the number of people in your virtual booth.
Next to this number is an icon you can click to expand the video chat screen. Toggle to full-screen and back.
Send a message in the text chat area.
Click the Start Video Chat button.

Turn your camera and microphone off and on using the icons at the bottom of the window. Icons will display in RED when disabled.
Select the corg icon. Options here include: Audio & Video settings, Update video quality, Language.
Other options in the video chat menu: People to check guests inside your booth or to mute them. Share will allow you to check your share options for the screen. Record is going to record your Booth session with the participants.

Click the Leave button when you are finished testing your video chat.

If you follow these steps before your event, you will be prepared for your guests on event day!

More than one person can log in with your log-in credentials which allows you to test talking to another person in your video chat. More info here.

Contacting BoothCentral

You can reach out to BoothCentral with any questions you may have. We want your event to be a success!
Email -
Help Chat - Our Help Chat can be accessed at the the lower left corner of any BoothCentral page.

Help Chat Hours
Monday-Friday | 8:00AM - 5:00PM CST
During Events | 7:00AM - 10:00PM CST
Live support is available for the first four hours of each day of your event.

Updated on: 07/01/2022

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