How Do I Jury the Applicants to My Event?

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Follow the process below to "jury" the applicants to your event.

If you have multiple people jurying the applicants, you are able to use the Invite Others to Jury feature.
From your Event Organizer dashboard, click on your event.

In the left navigation bar, click Applications then the Jury / Review button.

Click the Jury All button.
If you'd prefer to not see the names of the applicants you are jurying, click the Configure button and uncheck the box next to "Show the applicant’s name and basic information".

Type the names of your tags into the Select or add a tag area and press Enter. You may also leave comments.

Tags are an important part of our jurying process and they are very adaptable to a variety of jurying systems. You'll want to think through the way you'll want to tag your vendors.
Tag Example 1
You may want to set up three tags "Yes", "Maybe", and "No". As you move through the applicants, you can use these tags for reference when you approve the applications. If you have multiple people who are part of the jury process they can tag and leave comments.

Tag Example 2
You could also use a points system. For example, each person on the jury team can give the applicant up to 5 points. The applicants that receive the most points are approved. In the example below, the applicant would have scored a 14 from the jury team.

You are now able to approve your applicants. There are several options for quick approval.
Approve/Deny individual applications using the Approve/Deny links in the "Actions" column.

Use the checkboxes in the Status column to select the applicants you would like to Approve/Deny. Then, use the dropdown box above that section to approve/deny the companies that you have selected.

Tip: You can use the filtering options to sort your applicants, then, use the methods listed above for approval/denial.
Filter Example
You could filter according to a custom question to approve all the applicants in a certain category at the same time. For example, you could use a question like "What is your primary product?" to select all the "Pottery" vendors. Then, use your tags to determine if you'd like to accept the applicant.

Video Instructions

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