How Do I Ask For Resumes When My Attendees Register For My Event?

If your event has a career focus you may want to request a resume from your attendees. To set up your event so that attendees have the option to upload a resume, follow these steps:

From your Event Organizer Dashboard, open your event.

In the left navigation bar, click “Live Event Page” then “Advanced Options”.

Scroll down until you see “Allow users to upload a resume when registering”. By default, this will be unchecked. To change this, click the box to check it. Then, click the “Save” button. If enabled, attendees can upload their resumes when registering/entering your event. All booth hosts will be able to access all registrants' names and resumes.

On your Event Page, you and your booth hosts will be able to access your attendees’ resumes from a link above the Event Video.

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