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How Do I Add a Hyperlink to My Virtual Booth Description?

Log into with your booth host credentials.

Navigate to My Events and click Edit Booth for the appropriate event.

Scroll down to the Virtual Event section of the application. There are two fields that allow HTML formatting, look for these fields "Please provide a brief description..." and "Please provide any additional info...". To insert a hyperlink into either of these fields, copy and paste the following:

<a href="https://INTERNET URL GOES HERE" target="_blank">TITLE THE VISITOR SEES GOES HERE.</a>

Then simply add your desired URL between the quotation marks. Edit the text to display as desired.

Here is an example:
<a href="" target="_blank">BoothCentral</a>
Hyperlink visitor sees: BoothCentral

Here is an example in a sentence:
Follow me on <a href="" target="_blank">Facebook!</a>
Visitor sees: Follow me on Facebook!

To review your changes, follow the instructions provided in this article.

Updated on: 16/06/2021

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