Configuring Your Virtual Booths

The information below describes several ways you can configure the booths at your virtual event.

All Vendors Are Randomized
With this option, the tiles will be in a different order for each attendee, allowing each Booth Host equal opportunity to be at the top of the page.

This is the easiest way to set up the booths. Simply select the number of booths you expect to have at your event (you are only charged by accepted vendor, so feel free to round up). In the image below, all 5 booths will randomize on the live page.

Randomized Range of Booths at Top of Page | Everything Below is Also Randomized
Use this option if you'd like certain booths to always be at the top of the page, but you would like these booths to randomize.

Create two (or more) types of booth spaces and adjust the quantities to reflect the number of spaces you'd like randomized. The top spaces in your application become the top spaces in your live event. In the example below, the first 9 booths will randomized and will always be at the top of the event page. The remaining 40 booths will randomized below them.

Pin Specific Booths to Top of Page (without randomization) | Everything Below is Randomized
Use this option if you'd like to control who goes in specific locations at the top of your page, and the other booths randomized below.

In the image below, "Virtual Booth 1" will be the top left booth in your event, "Virtual Booth 2" will be the the top center booth, and "Virtual Booth 3" will be the top right booth. All the rest of the booths will be randomized below the top three.

NOTE: These are the same steps to follow to set up multiple booth spaces for your in-person event.

For information on moving a Booth Host to a new booth space - click here.
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