You have many options when it comes to how your vendor booths are laid out on your event page. We HIGHLY recommend you ask yourself the following questions before populating this section and publishing the event:

Do you want to offer "premium" spots to vendors (e.g. shown higher on the live virtual event)?
Do you want the ability to control the order the vendor tiles appear on the virtual event?

If your answer is "yes", then you should create a separate space for each virtual booth or grouping of virtual booths that you'd like placement control over. Click the + sign to add additional booths.

In the image, "Virtual Booth 1" will be the top left vendor tile in your event, "Virtual Booth 2" will the the top center vendor tile, and "Virtual Booth 3" will be the top right vendor tile. All the rest of the vendor tiles will be randomized below the top three.
NOTE: These are the same steps to follow to set up multiple booth spaces for your in-person event.

Another possibility is you might decide you want to offer nine "premium" spots (the top 3 rows) but don't need them to be ordered. For that scenario, you should create a space with a quantity of 9 at the top.

In this instance, the top 9 vendor tiles will be randomly ordered, but none of the tiles will show up lower than the third row (there are three tiles per row on most screens).
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