Can multiple people log in as a "booth host"?

Multiple people can log in with the same user credentials (email and password).

This is helpful in scenarios such as:
Testing your video chat before the event. After your booth is approved, two or more people from your team can log in at the same time and video chat. (Or, if you don't have a team, you can do the same thing on two devices.)
You want to set up shifts for the day. One person on your team covers the first half of the event, someone else covers the second half.
You'd like multiple people from your team available to answer questions from the attendees.

To have multiple people logged in at the same time, just follow the steps to log into a booth, and make sure everyone is using the same log-in email and password.

Multiple people logged in with the same credentials only counts as 1 person in the room.

How to change your name
When multiple people log into the video chat with the same credentials, they will all have the same name - the name of the tile you are associated with (usually a business name). Each person is able to change their name by following these steps.
Click the Start Video chat button to enter your video chat.
Click on the Ellipse for "More".

Select "People" at the top of the section that appears.
Click "Change Name".
Name yourself and click the "Change Name" button.
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