Many promoters have asked us if they can pre-record their live stream and then broadcast it as though it is live during the event. This is a great idea if you are not comfortable dealing with the problems that may arise during a live broadcast. If you're thinking of doing that, you have a few options.

Option 1: Post it as a video for users to play and watch

You can prerecord your live stream, and then post it as a regular video for attendees to watch. They will have to press Play to start it. While this is will not give it that "live" feel, this option does have its pros:

Attendees won't miss anything if they join in the middle of the event.
No stress - you don't have to "go live" at a certain time and fear that you will be stuck in traffic before the event starts.
Video quality will probably be better because there isn't any live encoding going on or sending of live video between your computer, the video processing servers, and the attendee's browser.

To do this, simply record your video using your tool of choice, such as StreamYard, and then download the video and send it to BoothCentral. If the video is very large, you can use Dropbox to send it or a large file transfer service like . If you have a Vimeo account, you can simply send us the link to your Vimeo video.

Option 2: Go live at your event start time, and then use the share screen function to share your prerecorded video right away.

This is the most popular option. You can use StreamYard to record your video, then download it. At the time of your event, you can start broadcasting again using StreamYard (or your broadcast service of choice) but instead of going on screen, you can use the "share screen" function to "share a Chrome tab with audio".

Within the Chrome tab you're sharing, you can drag and drop the downloaded video into the tab and play it. Basically you're screensharing the video.

For best results, follow this guide:

How to Share a Video using Screen Share —

Option 3: Use a 3rd party service that will stream your video for you at the date and time of your event.

There are several services that can do this for you and they all have a subscription fee. Once you've recorded your video, upload it to one of these services, and they will stream it for you at the right date and time. There are limits to the length of video and whether it can loop or not - it varies between services.

OneStream.Live Scheduler (This service also has live broadcast production service like StreamYard.)
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