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Booth Hosts: Image Size and Resolution Guide

Booth Hosts: Image Size and Resolution Guide

Booth Hosts can upload six images (.jpg or .png) of up to 8MB per image. This includes one cover photo and five additional images.

The cover image should be:

Width: 800px
Height: 480px
Larger images are fine as long as the aspect ratio of 5:3 is kept.

Your cover image is the image attendees will see on the event page before they enter your virtual booth, so you will want it to be inviting and representative of your business.

If you don't have a photo editing tool on your device, you can use Here are instructions:

Create a free account.
Click Create a Design, then select Custom Size.
Enter 800 for the Width and 480 for the Height. (Make sure px is selected)

Your canvas will now appear. As long as your image fits in this rectangular area, it will be the correct dimensions for your BoothCentral image. You can upload your image and place it on this canvas.

When you are satisfied with how your image looks, you can download it from Canva and upload it to BoothCenral. (If you need instructions on editing your tile, click here.)

Updated on: 05/10/2021

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